Hedge Trimming

Users eye view of hedge and hedge trimmer, in this case taken by Andrew of Andrew's Arboriculture using a helmet mounted Go-pro camera.

Why have your Hedges trimmed or resized?

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges.

Whether you are looking to add value to your property or simply making your garden a nicer place to spend time, have smart well tended hedges can make all the difference.

A well maintained hedge can provide several benefits to your property, including giving a safe environment for birds and animals, they can also provide a wind break in exposed areas and of course make a secure boundary.

An overgrown hedge will detract from a properties value and can of course block out light.

Andrew's Arboriculture undertake hedge trimming and resizing which can transform how your property looks.